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  1. puppy care tips

    Puppy Care Tips

    Taking care of puppy is both a lot of responsibility and a lot of fun. We’ve compiled a list of basic puppy care tips for you to make sure your pup stays in good health. Going to the Vet When you get a new puppy you’ll want to setup an appointment with a vet. Depending […]

  2. Training & Socializing Your New Puppy

    Puppy Socialization & Training

    How you train your dog in the first several months and what you do to socialize them can make all the difference in your dog’s demeanor and behavior for the rest of their life. No pressure, right? It may sound intimidating, but really, by doing your homework and instilling good habits in your dog early […]

  3. what to feed a puppy

    What to Feed a Puppy

    If your dog is like mine, mealtime is his absolute favorite. If you want your dog to be happy & healthy, the food they eat is critical. You’ll want to make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need to grow at steady pace and stay healthy. Good food and a feeding routine will also make your life […]

  4. puppy checklist thumb

    New Puppy Checklist

    Congrats on deciding to get a new puppy! Do you have everything you need? This new puppy checklist will help you on your way to getting ready. There are some things you’ll need to have for your puppy to take care of them and keep them fed. We’ll first cover those essentials you’ll want right away. […]

  5. Puppy Guide thumbnail

    Puppy Guide – All the Steps to Getting a New Pup

    Are you looking to get a new dog? Congrats!!! Dogs can be tons of fun and an amazing companion, but it’s important to consider the responsibilities involved and make sure you’re up for the challenge. This puppy guide will help you decide if you’re ready for a dog, explain the steps to getting a dog, […]

  6. What Dog Should I Get?

    Many people ask, “What dog should I get?” because there are so many options. Is there a pup that is perfectly matched to you? Let’s find out! Some people go in knowing exactly what what type of dog they want. For instance, their family has always had Vislas so they know that’s the dog breed […]

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