4 Ways to Find Totally Unique Dog Names & Be Creative!

unique_dog_namesWhen looking at dog names, we wanted one that was unique – a name not many other dogs have but that wasn’t too out there.

Toby was a name we both liked, and when we met the little yellow lab pup we’d soon take home, there was no question that was the perfect name for him.

Toby goes to doggy daycare a few days a week. (It’s a lifesaver for a high-energy lab, especially during crazy cold Minnesota winters!) For almost a year he was the only Toby. But soon there was another. And another. Before long he was known as “Big Toby.”

As a child of the 80s with the name Jessica, I’m sensitive to being one of many with the same name. The worst was second grade when I was one of four girls named Jessica. There was always some clarifier to tell us apart. Throughout the years, I was called Jessica K., New Jessi, even “Big Jessi” at one point. (Like mother like pup, I guess.)

I don’t regret naming my dog Toby for a minute. It’s a perfect name for him. But if you want to find truly unique dog names for your pup, ones no other dog at the park has, here are a few pointers.

4 Tips to Find Unique Dog Names

  1. Take a look at lists with the most popular dog names. Stay away from these! If a list extends more than 100 or 200 names, go to the end and scope those out for inspiration. It’s verification the name isn’t going to be overused.
  2. When reading a book or watching TV or a movie, pay close attention to character names. Writers rarely give characters average, boring names – which is great for your quest to find unique dog names. For example, in House of Cards one of the main characters is named Remy. This would make a super cool, unique dog name!
  3. location, location, location. Think about cities you’ve visited or your favorite vacation spots. Look at the street names when you drive down the road as well as park signs and landmarks.
  4. Try out a dog name generator, like the publics1.ru. We’ve got thousands of unique dog names for your pup.

Once you get a few unique dog names you like, don’t forget to test them out. Say the name out loud and make sure you’re OK shouting it in public. Believe me, you’ll have to say it many, many times some days!

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